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Property management



  • Interior home cleaning

  • Landscaping to increase curb appeal

  • Ads tailored to your property

  • Collaborate with other agents to find you a tenant

  • Take calls from prospects

  • Perform tenant showings

  • Provide legally compliant rental applications

  • Tenant screening and selection

  • Perform background checks

  • List the property for rent


To ensure an accurate rental price, Texas Star Realty and Property Management performs a detailed evaluation of a property's interior and exterior. We'll take photos, install a lock box, and discuss with you the benefits and hindrances of certain policies. We'll make recommendations to maximize your monthly rent and return-on-investment. We'll even do the research on comparative rental rates in the area so that you don't have to.

Managing your tenant move-in process

You don't have to worry about a thing when we handle your move-in process. We'll create the lease, confirm a move-in date, review lease guidelines with the tenant, and make sure that all agreements have been followed. Your tenant will fill out our inventory and condition report, and then we'll collect the first month's rent and security deposit for you.

No-hassle rent and eviction services

Your rent collection process has never been easier, as we'll collect it for you, and send out pay or quit notices. If it comes to an eviction, we'll file all paperwork and represent you, as the owner, in court. Finally, we'll work with local law enforcement to have the tenant and their possessions removed.

Professional legal and inspection services

If you encounter a matter that requires litigation, we can refer you to a qualified attorney. Established in 2006, we know all the latest local, state, and federal laws that apply to your rental property. You can also have us perform periodic inspections to look for any safety hazards, code violations, and more.

Financial real estate guidance

Your property accounting services are not a hassle for our team of licensed agents. We'll maintain your invoices and receipts, historical records, and provide you with annual reporting. Your forms are structured for tax purposes, and we provide tax documents like your 1099-form.

Real estate maintenance and remodeling

With our extensive local resources, you can rest assured that our team will provide you a list of top quality, local contractors able to assist with a wide range of services whether your property is between tenants or needs maintenance.

Overseeing your tenant move-out procedures

When your tenant moves out, we'll fully inspect your property and create a report on the condition of the unit. The tenant will be provided with an estimate for the damages, and the security deposit will be returned as appropriate. We'll fully clean your property, rekey the locks, and put the property back on the market.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed by the team at our family owned and operated business.


This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of our property management services.

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